What strengths do you have as an individual to assist someone similar to Sahira?

One major strength I believe I have to assist Sahira with her addictions would be the familiarity in the area due to having a lot of family members dealing with substance abuse. Another strength I possess would be resourceful. I have learned the last couple years a lot about resources and even more so this last semester. In dealing with addictions I believe we as counselors may not be able or knowledgeable in a particular area our client/clients need us in. But it is our job and duty to know and have those resources available for our client. I have learned to track shelters, programs, and what areas specialize and for which socioeconomic status these resources are geared towards. A resource book would be the best thing for every counselor but just in our personal lives to have. I lastly believe I am a leader and or role model. I have mentored many students and know and understand that how I carry myself others mimic. I know the same goes for our clients. If we as counselors

What are areas that you might feel you need to work on?

The area I believe I need to work on is my knowledge of the different addictions and how each can play out differently and the effects on the brain. Although I stated my strength is the familiarity due to family members, I do not always understand. I emphasize almost became use to the behaviors but do not know the hardcore knowledge or evidence to their actions. Learning how these addictions affect the brain in chapter one and chapter two have shown me that sometimes these addictions/substance abuse are hereditary.


“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.”

– George Carlin